The Carbon Steel Sets Carbon Grilling Set


  • Carbon Steel Griddle and Press
  • Carbon Steel Paella Pan
  • Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan
  • Seasoning Wax

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Almost like a hybrid of Stainless Clad and cast iron, Carbon Steel is a maneuverable high-performance material that??s perfect for your grill or campfire. Complete with a Griddle, Paella Pan, Grill Frying Pan, and 2 oz tin of Seasoning Wax, this Set of Carbon Steel heavy hitters is engineered to get the most out of your grilling.

The Griddle and Stainless Steel Press maximize your cooking surface area??ideal for cookouts??while the Grill Frying Pan??s 62 dime-sized perforations amplify direct flame-to-food contact. The Paella Pan??s value extends well beyond rice dishes, with low walls ideal for searing, pan sauces, and infusing rich, smoky flavor without losing ingredients to the grill grates.