Stainless Clad Butter Warmer ? QT


  • Made in Italy
  • 5-Ply Construction
  • Proprietary Stay-Cool Handle
  • Oven Safe Up to 800F
  • Optimized for Induction

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This Butter Warmer is the uncontested favorite among our chef customers??which is appropriate, considering we made it at their request. It??s designed specifically for melting, infusing, and browning butter, but is equally handy for reducing sauce, reheating coffee, and making chili crisp.

Crafted in Italy, each Stainless Clad Butter Warmer is constructed from 5 layers of metals for even heat conduction and distribution, so you can coax out the caramelized notes of browned butter without burning the milk solids. Its Saucepan-like proportions further encourage gentle, even cooking and simmering of liquids. A rolled rim allows you to pour without spilling, and our hollow Stay Cool Handle? keeps your hands safe.

Discover the difference that over-engineered cookware makes in your most-loved meals.

  • Total Height:
  • 3.25??
  • Total Length: 11??
  • Total Diameter: 5.5??
  • Depth: 2.25??
  • Cooking Surface Diameter: 4.5??
  • Weight: 1 lb